This is in a lot of ways part two of the first page. However, here you will find tools, more so than consulting advice and general rules to practice. So, let’s begin. I may publish a few of these tools but these tools are tricks of the trade which us webmaster use to get the edge over others. So, don’t be surprised if you come to this page and it is completely gone or re-vamped to hide certain proprietary expertise.

  1. Google Tool to help your pages loading speed. (Doesn’t give you points for being fast, but deducts for being slow.)
  2. This site actually tests your page and ranks it on how fast it loads.
  3. Use Google Search Engine to tell you what people are searching.. (Almost common sense on this one). Google Search
  4. Suggestions for keywords:
  5. Google’s Console (Then Click Search Analytics, sort by position for 11-15, then incorporate more this will get you to the first page pretty fast. )
  6. This tool helps you get competitors site, to see what they are ranking for already… insider information
  7. Get Google’s Keywords (Tools and Analysis, Keyword Planner) Similar to Uber Suggest; However, come back for this one, I’m still trying to get it to work as well as uber, which is why this is rated below
  8. Another Keyword Tool Serps, Fast and Easy. However, I use this mainly to find competitors for my company, and what searches they are using. So, I actually combine this tool with semrush. includes neat stuff like cost per click, volume, etc…. Go Directly to the tool
  9. This tool is just to find niches. This is a two for one. I would say the first thing to do is re-use google’s search. And type in something like beard f, beard k, beard m. And see what ranks after beard and the first letter. The second tool is a niche finder specifically
  10. This tool will give you more keywords than you can ever use, but in addition to this, it also let’s you use a negative filter, like if you are searching for transportation, but wanted to omit walking. But this also gives you a download tool, which is why I’m ranking this one higher. You can copy and paste and off to the races. Also it has an awesome name, which about describes it without too much effort. This site has been having more issues so it in theory would be higher if they could get it working on all browsers, it does appear to be a browser plugin, which is also a down side.

YouTube Videos I like… Your probably also.

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